About the Club

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A Tale of TWO Clubs

AWRE Judo Club (AWE)

The club was originally started in 1956 in the  AWRE Recreation Society new facilities for those that worked in the AWRE.

The club was started by Dave Aldworth with Pete Feddon, Ann Wanless and Barbara LeBreton.

Dave was 1st kyu at the time. He never did get his black Belt as he joined the Merchant Navy in 1959, but he continued to do a little Judo in Hamburg whilst there .Dave also practiced a little while in the US Army at Ft Jackson and in Detroit.
Once out of the US Army he practiced in Baltimore and tried out for the 1964 Olympics but felt that he was getting out of shape and has not practiced judo since about 1965.

Source (Dave Aldworth –  23/1/16)

AWRE Judo Club c1956 – Dave Aldworth with Pete Feddon

Al Coupland was teaching in the early Noughties, In 2006 Al had to have an operation on his knees so he asked Paul Hamilton from Summit Judo Club to cover him for the 3 month recovery. Upon his return he decided that he would retire and move to Plymouth and that Paul was now the Head Coach of AWE J.C.

Hurst Centre Judo Club (A.K.A. Hurst J.C.)

Started in 1980 after the Hurst Centre approached Don Turnball to start some Judo sessions at the Hurst School in Baughurst. After starting one junior session a week it quickly became a popular club and increased to two nights with senior sessions as well.

Rod Drake joined the Hurst in ?

Val Kelly became a coach here in 1998 and is still with the club as both coach and ‘Club Secretary’.

The Club run under this name until 2005 when a Union was made………..

Hurst/AWE Judo Club

In 2005 Hurst/AWE Judo Club came about due to 2 main issues.

1) There was a shortage of new coaches to take over from those retiring/leaving and

2) From lowering numbers within the Tadley area meaning there wasn’t enough players for two clubs.

Both clubs ran on a Wednesday evening so it was agreed that the AWE session run by Al Coupland would be a beginners one and the intermediates, advanced and seniors (Val Kelly, Steve Hutton, and Rod Drake) would take place at the Hurst. Also ‘Squad Training’ would take place on Monday evenings for those interested in improving their competition skills run by Steve Hutton.

When Al Coupland left in 2006, Steve Hutton  in 2007 and only one new coach, Paul Hamilton all of the Wednesday sessions moved to the Hurst school to enable cover of all the lessons.

Mondays were and still are at the AWE run by Paul Hamilton along with Mike Stephens, Steve Dyer, James Veal Tony Robinson and Peter Powell.

Currently Wednesdays are run by Val Kelly, Tony Robinson and Rod Drake.

As we were no longer a part of the Hurst Centre, and with the committees agreement, we had decided we do not need to carry the Hurst name.

The club was reborn using a new,  old name……………Welcome to…..

AWE Judo Club !!!

Fun & Friendly Judo Club in Tadley!!